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A CRM Solution Unlike Any Other

Our CRM Solution, ResourceOne, goes beyond other CRM platforms to provide the insight necessary to communicate the right message at the right time to your clients and prospects.

Designed only for Banks & Credit Unions, CoreTrac’s CRM solution integrates with your core to give a centralized, 360° view of clients.

With the insight ResourceOne supplies, Banks & Credit Unions experience increased sales, enhanced employee productivity, and greater client satisfaction.

ResouceOne for Your Bank or Credit Union

ResourceOneResourceOne is made to integrate with your Bank or Credit Union’s core and is customizable to fit your specific CRM needs.

Imagine being able to have complete insight into a client – their habits, preferences, and current status – as well as predictions of future behavior. ResourceOne does all of this and more. It transforms the way Banks & Credit Unions communicate with clients by giving them the exact information needed to better serve clients and win more business.

Expand Your CRM: Additional Products

Lead Xcelerator

Lead Xcelerator

For Capturing website leads

Automatically manage visitor’s requests so that your website provides client service & generates revenue 24/7/365.

Profitability Tracker

Profitability Tracker

For tracking products
& clients

Understand how to maximize the profit from each of your clients and products.

R1 On The Go!


For CRM in the field

Input events, sales opportunities, and contacts when you are out of the office and then sync back to R1 with our mobile app.


Custom Report Writer

Custom Report Writer

For any & all SQL Databases

Create custom reports that are flexible with any data using our easy & fast Custom Report Writer.



For client self-service

Improve client service by automatically answering 95% of the questions submitted in your website’s search bar. Powered by SilverCloud.

Loan Vue™

Coming Soon!
Loan Vue™

For Loan Officers

Increase loan wins by creating a greater service experience for borrowers and automatically updating the status of loans.


Ad Engine

Ad Engine

For optimized ads creation

Generate real-time ads that capitalize on client’s behavior with suggested cross-sales and up-sales. Powered by DigitalMailer, Inc.

Relationship Builder

Relationship Builder

For targeted e-mail marketing

Take your e-mails to the next level with Relationship Builder’s list management and e-mail targeting tools. Powered by Digital Mailer, Inc.

Lead Generator

Lead Generator

For winning new clients

With access to 9 unique databases, Lead Generator finds you leads that match your most beneficial clients.

Our Clients

Since its founding in 2001, CoreTrac has worked closely with our clients to craft ResourceOne into a CRM solution that satisfies every demand of Banks and Credit Unions.

Over 150 Banks & Credit Unions have benefited from ResourceOne nationwide. These include clients as large as $16 billion in assets, 30 clients with assets greater than $1 billion, and dozens more with assets below $1 billion.

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