Volume II, Issue I |February 2010

2010 CoreTrac Users Conference

Mark your Calendars! The 2010 CoreTrac Users Conference will be held April 12-14. Register Here to reserve your seats!

Registration - $149


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ResourceOne Support
Jason Watanabe, VP Technical Operations

The CoreTrac Support Team is dedicated to providing prompt response and resolution to any training or technical needs of our clients. To ensure all of your needs are met, please submit all requests by emailing support@coretrac.com or calling our support line at 512.236.9120 option 1. Your service requests will be acknowledged with an email response that includes a support case number. For faster follow-up, please use that case number when requesting updates on your service case.

R1 Tips

Financial Institution's Logo
Would you like to replace the ResourceOne logo with your Financial Institution logo?

Send CoreTrac Support a copy of your logo and we can place it in the header of main ResourceOne.  Please send the image in one of the following formats .ai, .psd or .jpg format.  Recommended pixel dimensions should be within 60h x 330w.  If you have any question please contact support@coretrac.com.

Keys to Success

Training for 2010

Over the years CoreTrac has seen many ways in which financial institutions have been successful with ResourceOne.  Every success has included a strong training plan and senior/executive management support.  Institutions that have struggled seem to lack a strong training plan and/or senior/executive management support.  Start off 2010 the right way and get a strong R1 training plan in place.  And don’t forget, the plan should be endorsed, and enforced, by senior/executive management. 
Here are a few suggestions and pointers from CoreTrac clients that experience continued success with ResourceOne:

  • Clearly communicate senior/executive management support and expectations.
  • Explain why ResourceOne is being used and how it benefits the financial institution, the employees, and your clients.
  • Create a detailed and effectively executed training plan  based on roles within the FI.  Be creative in your training.  For example create a “scavenger hunt” check off list to help get users navigate through ResourceOne.  In addition, the training should be ongoing and reoccurring. 
  • Build goals and compensation plans to be enforced and tracked within ResourceOne.
  • Ensure day-to-day User oversight and assistance from managers.

For more information on any training assistance or support, please contact support@coretrac.com.


Sales Tips & Update
Alan Buhler, Executive Vice President

Create A Sense Of Urgency With Your Prospects

I asked a friend of mine that runs a highly successful company what the secret to his business’s success is and his reply was, “The same thing that it took when I started; a sense of urgency to get things done.”

The people in this world that seem to get things done all seem to have this same since of urgency.  No matter how intelligent or able you may be, if you don’t have a sense of urgency, now is the time to start developing it.  The world is full of very competent people who honestly intend to do things as soon as they can get to it.  Their accomplishments however, seldom match those of less talented people who have a sense of importance of getting started now.

One of the fine arts of selling is the ability to communicate this urgency to the people who are interested in the products and services you offer.  Of course, you don’t want to be unpleasant about it.  You can communicate a positive sense of urgency by showing interest in your prospects and clients, helping them achieve their objectives and goals, and being quick to help in any way you can.

Some prospects are naturally slow decision makers.  With this type of buyer, you can use ResourceOne (R1) to keep detailed profile demographics, schedule activities such as routine follow-ups, track forecast dates and probabilities, as well as recommend next-best product offerings.  In addition, you can use R1to help keep your prospects on schedule with committed decision timelines.

On the other hand, some prospects act quickly when presented with a product offering.  With these prospects you must make sure you are not the bottleneck.  Give these prospects attention immediately and as frequently as needed.  Use R1 to set-up auto tasks to ensure prospects aren’t waiting on slow-moving procedures at the financial institution.  You can track the opportunity from beginning to end making sure roadblocks are out of their way.

No matter how your prospects make decisions (slowly or quickly), being interested in helping them achieve their financial goals, and not just trying to push a product or service, will create a natural sense of urgency.  There is no substitute in being interested in them, and staying interested from beginning to end.


CoreTrac welcomes the following new customers:

  • Lewis and Clark Bank-- Oregon City, OR ($109M Assets; JHA 20/20 core)