Volume II, Issue IV | November 2010

2011 CoreTrac Users Conference

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ResourceOne Support
Jason Watanabe, VP Technical Operations

The CoreTrac Support Team is dedicated to providing prompt response and resolution to any training or technical needs of our clients. To ensure all of your needs are met, please submit all requests by emailing support@coretrac.com or calling our support line at 512.236.9120 option 1. Your service requests will be acknowledged with an email response that includes a support case number. For faster follow-up, please use that case number when requesting updates on your service case.

What's New

Look for enhancements to the Householding functionality in ResourceOne v3.25.  The new enhancements include a new Households pane on the contact record that will display all households the contact belongs to.  From this page, you can open a household to view more detailed information such as household rank, members of the household, household accounts and balances.  From the household details page, you can also open up the contact records of other household members directly.  New householding reports will also be included.

*Note: Click on the image above to view in new window.

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Version 3.25 Tips and Tricks

If your organization is using the R1 AutoLead functionality, then you may already know that referrals, events, tasks, and service cases can be sent to both queues and directly to other Users.  AutoLead also provides the flexibility to allow Users to pull their opportunities, events, tasks, and service cases from a queue to work these items.

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In a referral queue, users with permissions to claim referrals from queues and will be able to see all of the referrals that have been sent to the queue(s).  The Opportunities>Queues page displays all of the queues that you are a member of.  You will also see and have access to queues from your main dashboard, To Do > Queues tab.



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Development Update

The ResourceOne Profitability Module is now available for all CoreTrac customers.  The R1 Profitability Module provides the flexibility you need with the intelligence necessary to evaluate each client’s distinct profit contribution. With the R1 Profitability Module, you will have detailed account level profitability and client level profitability.  The profitability reports will provide excellent insight into client profitability, product profitability, and even R1 User profitability rankings.  Adding the R1 Profitability Module will provide a greater understanding of the unique value each and every client provides, and you can use that knowledge to make well-informed decisions that will elevate overall performance and enhance growth within your community.  Schedule your demo today by calling or emailing Dan Adams at (512) 236-9120 ext 270 or dadams@CoreTrac.com.

Sales Tips & Update

Alan Buhler, Executive Vice President

Do You Have Seller's Block?

You know how writer’s can get writer’s block… well sales people also can get seller’s block. If this has ever happened to you, you’re not alone.  Here are couple good sales tips to help you focus on your sales process and keep your manager and yourself happy.

First thing you need to do is have a game plan. Define daily, weekly, and monthly goals. These goals don’t have to be sales quotas or monetary goals. They can be behaviors like dials or sales presentations. Once you have your daily plan you’ll need to break it down even further. Schedule breaks after a certain number of calls. For example, take a 5 minute break after every 15 sales calls. This way you have something to look forward to and won’t get burned out.

Second, you’ll need to eliminate as many distractions as possible. For example, turn off your cell phone, shut down your email, and sign off instant messenger while calls are being made. The Internet can be your worst distraction. Sites like Facebook and YouTube, as well as online shopping and general web surfing have become major distractions for salespeople.  You need to close yourself off from these distractions and focus on the subject at hand: Selling.  Build those other activities into your five minute breaks so you can get them off your mind.

With a solid game plan for your sales process and minimal distractions you’ll be able to give your sales presentations the clarity and strength they require in order to do the job right.


CoreTrac welcomes the following new customer:

  • Superior Iron Range Community FCU ($59M assests; Fiserv Galaxy core)

CoreTrac is proud to introduce to you two new employees: Fred Bulback, Senior Software Developer & Dan Adams, Regional Sales Manager.  Fred comes to us with many years of software development experience overseeing Customer Relationship Management software products outside of the financial sector, and Dan joins CoreTrac with more than 20 years experience in banking and mortgage lending.