Volume III, Issue III | November 2011

2012 CoreTrac Users Conference

Get Ready! The 2012 CoreTrac Users Conference will be held in Las Vegas April 23-24. We've got a whole new agenda in the making with greater practical application and more hands-on interaction. Click here for more information and register today!


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ResourceOne v3.4 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreTrac’s ResourceOne v3.4!  This latest version has some fantastic enhancements and will be available to all CoreTrac customers very soon.  Expect the CoreTrac Support team to be in touch with you in the coming weeks to schedule your upgrade after the holidays.  In addition to a number of general bug fixes and customer requested enhancements, a couple of the most anticipated functionality enhancements include new Onboarding functionality, and a powerful Custom Report Writer tool. 

The newly enhanced Onboarding functionality gives you the capability to create automatic follow-up tasks and events that are triggered by new production for any and all of your products.  These new production follow-up tasks/events are customizable by your administrator and can be service related tasks/events and/or cross-sell recommendations.  So, if you want a “thank you” call scheduled two days after an account is opened,  followed by a needs assessment questionnaire to be completed two weeks after that, and finally a next-best product recommendation call scheduled two months later, these onboarding tasks can be preset to be automatically generated and assigned when the new production is booked.

The new Custom Report Writer tool is designed as a separate module to ResourceOne—it is the first CoreTrac module that can operate independent of ResourceOne.  It is impressively powerful and gives you complete flexibility to create custom reports on any and all data in the system.  In addition, it can do calculations behind the scenes which makes it ideal for your custom incentive and marketing reports.  Although the new Custom Report Writer is available to all CoreTrac customers, your current contract language will determine if this functionality is included, or if it will require your FI to purchase the module.  The CoreTrac Support team will let you know prior to the v3.4 upgrade.  It is not a requirement to implement the Custom Report Writer as part of the v3.4 upgrade.

We are already busily working on v3.5 to be released in 2012 with more exciting functionality enhancements.  These new enhancements will be put on show at the 2012 CoreTrac Users Conference in Las Vegas, April 23 & 24.  See you there!

ResourceOne Support
Jason Watanabe, VP Technical Operations

The CoreTrac Support Team is dedicated to providing prompt response and resolution to any training or technical needs of our clients. To ensure all of your needs are met, please submit all requests by emailing support@coretrac.com or calling our support line at 512.236.9120 option 1. Your service requests will be acknowledged with an email response that includes a support case number. For faster follow-up, please use that case number when requesting updates on your service case.


ResourceOne v 3.25 Tips and Tricks

The Pipelines Page contains your potential business that you own and are working on. Items stay in your
Pipeline until they become a new account or they are considered a lost lead. When a new account from
the host is matched to a Pipeline activity, the account status will change to “Opened Account” and the
activity will move to Production.

Changing the Status of a Pipeline

The only difference between a Pipeline, Account, or Lost activity is its status. The same activity can move among these three groups (Opportunity, Account, Lost) with a change in status.

Possible Status Location
Open Lead Pipelines
In Progress Pipelines
Opened Account Accounts
Closed Account Lost Accounts
Lost Lead Lost Pipelines

When you create a new Pipeline activity, its default status is “In Progress” because you are working on the opportunity. When you first view a Pipeline that you have pulled from a queue or received as a referral from another employee, its default status is “Open Lead”. When you begin working on a
Pipeline activity that is flagged “Open Lead,” you must change the status to “In Progress” so the referrer knows you have accepted it. Both of these statuses indicate the activity is located in the Pipeline section. If you win the business, the activity will be moved to the Production section of ResourceOne after it is matched or manually assigned to Production. ResourceOne Users Guide Page 63 of 108
If your financial institution is not in the integrated model, or if the pipeline is for a non‐integrated product, you will need to manually edit the pipeline and change its status to Opened Account, indicating the account has been opened.
If the account is closed by the contact and marked as closed on the host, it will be automatically changed to a Closed Account in ResourceOne and the activity moves to the Lost Account section.

Deleting a Pipeline Opportunity

Opportunities can only be deleted by an Administrator through the corrections tool in Administration. Pipelines will remain in your pipeline page until the status is changed to "Opened Account" or “Lost Lead” at which time the activity will move into either Production or Lost respectively. If you have a duplicate pipeline, or a test pipeline, you should change the status to Lost Lead and select a reason such as “Test” or “Duplicate.” If you do not have such a reason, ask your ResourceOne administrator to add the reason.

Sales Tips & Update
Alan Buhler, Executive Vice President

Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

How many calls do you make to create a qualified appointment with a decision maker?  The following statistics are quite revealing:

  • 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect
  • 25% of sales people make a second contact and stop
  • 12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop
  • Only 10% of sales are made on the first contact
  • 2% of sales are made on the second contact
  • 5% of sales are made on the third contact
  • 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
  • 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

More than ever today, most of your prospect are “crazy busy,” so you have to be “pleasantly persistent” with your sales calls, and make every effort to work smarter.  In today’s environment your prospects are multi-tasking in every aspect of their lives, so from a sales perspective it is simply going to require you to work smarter to achieve more touches, and try harder at making more calls to be successful at selling. With CoreTrac’s ResourceOne you can manage every aspect of contact management.  By tracking your opportunities, scheduling events, adding contact notes and related documents, as well as taking advantage of the next-best product recommendation functionality, you can always ensure you don’t give up too soon.


CoreTrac welcomes the following new customers:

  • Silvergate Bank ($345M assets; Fiserv Cleartouch core)
  • Pacific Resource Credit Union ($101M assets; Ultradata core)
  • Trans-Pacific National Bank ($146M assets; Fiserv ITI core)