Volume I, Issue V | October 2009 - November 2009

2010 CoreTrac Users Conference

Mark your Calendars! The 2010 CoreTrac Users Conference will be held April 12-14. More information coming soon!


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For service questions, email us at support@coretrac.com OR call us at 512.236.9120 option 1.

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ResourceOne Support
Jason Watanabe, VP Technical Operations

The CoreTrac Support Team is dedicated to providing prompt response and resolution to any training or technical needs of our clients. To ensure all of your needs are met, please submit all requests by emailing support@coretrac.com or calling our support line at 512.236.9120 option 1. Your service requests will be acknowledged with an email response that includes a support case number. For faster follow-up, please use that case number when requesting updates on your service case.

R1 Tips

Teller Pop-Up

Is your financial institution utilizing the R1 Teller Pop-up?

The R1 Teller Pop-up allows employees to automatically open the pop-up, placed on the teller platform, for the contact they are currently viewing without having to be logged into ResourceOne with just a simple click of a button. From the pop-up, employees are able to view and present recommended products as well as create opportunities for those recommendations or other products.

With the use of single sign-on and the assistance of your IT or Development groups to add a button to the teller platform, the CoreTrac Development Team can link the pop-up window to the button.

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Keys to Success

ResourceOne Policy

During the implementation of ResourceOne, your CoreTrac Project Manager should have walked your Project Team through our sample R1 Policy document. This document contains different policies that have been put in place by some of our clients. We have found those clients who have a clearly defined policy document and actually use it tend to have a better grip on ResourceOne and their employees have a clearer understanding of what is expected when using ResourceOne.

For more information on any training assistance or support, please contact support@coretrac.com.

Sales Tips & Update
Alan Buhler, Executive Vice President

What Are You Trying To Accomplish?

CoreTrac's ResourceOne (R1) helps your insitution facilitate a "consultative" or "relationship" selling process. A consultative selling process is very different from the traditional sales method that most bankers abhor. Think of the process as "needs of fulfillment."

The traditional way of selling, reminiscent of the pushy salesperson, saw the sales process from a time-and-emphasis approach. The biggest portion of time with the client was spent persuading them to buy your product even if it was not in their best interest. Most are turned off by this approach and simply don't buy. Those that do buy, usually regret it later and resent being pushed into buying. Even the gratification that may have come from satisfying a need was significantly dampened by the approach of the sales person.

Contrast that with the consultative, helping approach that is facilitated by the dynamic business rules that can be defined in R1 for the next-best cross-sell recommendation pop-up. With this approach, the emphasis is placed on identifying the client's neesd and wants. This approach is one that is totally consistent with what bankers already want to do--help the customer/member achieve their financial goals. It stands to reason that the first thing a banker should do when servicing a client is to idenitfy their needs. If there is no need, then why try to sell something? Based on any information collected in R1 (e.g. profile demographics, combination of accounts, account balances, etc), the next-best cross-sell recommendation pop-up will only recommend a product to a prequalified candidate for that product. Since FI employees don't typically like to sell anyway, and most clients will resist buying a product they don't need, you can use the "pop-up" to replace the dreaded "selling" process with the more appealing "helping" process.


CoreTrac welcomes the following new customers:

  • Empire National Bank--Islandia, NY ($103M Assets; Metavante Bankway core)
  • VantageSouth Bank--Burlington, NC ($97M Assets; Metavante Bankway core)