Volume IV, Issue I | March 2012

2012 CoreTrac Users Conference

The schedule is here! The 2012 CoreTrac Users Conference will be held in Las Vegas April 23-24. We've got a whole new agenda in the making with greater practical application and more hands-on interaction. Listen to speakers from different institutions discuss how they successfully utilize ResourceOne within their organization. Click here for more information and register today!


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Jason Watanabe, VP Technical Operations

The CoreTrac Support Team is dedicated to providing prompt response and resolution to any training or technical needs of our clients. To ensure all of your needs are met, please submit all requests by emailing support@coretrac.com or calling our support line at 512.236.9120 option 1. Your service requests will be acknowledged with an email response that includes a support case number. For faster follow-up, please use that case number when requesting updates on your service case.


ResourceOne v 3.25 Tips and Tricks
Creating Events

Events can be entered from several different areas in ResourceOne (from a contact record, opportunity,
account, case, ticket, or the calendar).  Regardless of how you enter the Event it will display in the
Calendar and will be displayed on your dashboard as a reminder on the day that it is due.  

How To Create A New Event

1. From the Home Dashboard you can select the Quick Link to View Events.  From this screen you can create new general Events.

*Note: Click on the image above to view in new window.

2. Directly from the Calendar you can double click on any day to create a new general event.

*Note: Click on the image above to view in new window.

3. From any Contact, Opportunity, Account, Case or Ticket you can create an event by simply clicking on the Events section of the navigation pane.

4. When creating new Events the bold fields will require input.  These include Subject, Owner (the event can be assigned to you, another employee, or sent to a queue if your organization uses queues), Type, and Start and End date. 

*Note: Click on the image above to view in new window.

5. Click “Save” or “Save and Close” when complete.

Viewing Events

When reviewing an event, you can:

1. Print the Event

2. Copy a hyperlink page

3. Create an email with a hyperlink to the meeting

4. Make changes and Save them

5. Delete the event

*Note: Click on the image above to view in new window.

Sales Tips & Update

Alan Buhler, Executive Vice President

Onboarding: Not Just The Latest Buzz Word

Did you know that the average U.S. household has 8.2 accounts, but the average financial institution has just 2.5 of those accounts?

If you don’t remind your clients of the products and services you have to offer, they will likely forget. It is important to stay focused on their needs, how those needs are growing and changing, and what you can do to keep them as clients.  Knowing the small things about your clients and letting your calling officers see this key information will build relationships that create new opportunities.

The first few days and weeks after a client joins your financial institution are crucial in laying a solid foundation of service to retain that individual for a very long time. What gets tracked gets done. Onboarding technology like CoreTrac's ResourceOne can trigger and track activities that your FI should be doing to keep new clients engaged, and ultimately build loyalty. It is important to lay a solid foundation in the early days of a new relationship and welcoming the new client with special offers for services, constant communications for any support issues, and any follow-up inquiries.

Finally, keep in mind, when employees understand how onboarding technology can be used to help your clients achieve their financial goals, it will help drive the successful use of the technology.



CoreTrac welcomes the following new customers:

  • Western Bank ($199M assets)
  • Inland Bank and Trust ($1.3B assets; Fiserv ITI core)
  • Shell FCU ($482M assets; OSI core)
  • Aero FCU ($193M assets; OSI core)

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