Building a Performance-Based Culture with Robust, Easy-To-Use CRM/Sales Force Automation

4 November, 2008 (18:21) | Blog | By: admin

By: Alan Buhler

It doesn’t matter if you call it Client Retention Management, Client Relationship Marketing, Client Relationship Management, or Catch-all Repository for Marketing; every year financial institutions spend millions of dollars implementing CRM/Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions.  It’s an amount that is expected to consistently grow in the coming years. While there seems to be no evidence of a slowdown in CRM/SFA spending, many community financial institutions want to know what the return on a CRM/SFA investment actually is. 

Imagine the following story… The CEO of a community financial institution is attending a civic event dinner. While at the dinner, one of the institution’s best clients comes up to him and says, “Hey, three different people from your insititution have called me about the same product in the past two months, and I keep saying ‘NO,’ but they keep calling! Can you do something to STOP this???” 

As it turns out, there had been a management-approved outbound calling campaign at this financial institution. Despite everyone’s best intentions, there simply was no single place all of the employees could go to see who had already been called, much less see ALL of the information about the client, or other prospects (e.g. outbound calls, service issues, events, notes, documents, pipelines, current accounts, etc). The financial institution was stuck. They wanted to grow, but without a solution to track their prospecting efforts, they were constantly at risk of frustrating the very clients they wanted to serve better! 

CoreTrac, Inc. works with community financial institutions to build efficient, accountable, performance-based cultures that increase revenues, increase efficiency of all employees, protect market share from competitors, and motivate and reward employees for their efforts.  The ResourceOne CRM/SFA solution is easy-to-use and affordably priced for the community FI.  In fact, it is specifically architected for community financial institutions.  It is designed to help your employees: 

  • Minimize (or eliminate) missed opportunities & revenue “leakage” due to poor handling of leads and referrals
  • Increase revenue by taking advantage of one of your key resources: cross-selling into your client base.
  • Make better informed decisions that drive toward strategic goal attainment with greater pipeline visibility and sales forecasting
  • Measure staff productivity (e.g. how many pipelines worked vs. how many accounts booked).
  • Motivate employees with accurate compensation and rewards while developing stronger client relationships 

This is the same system used by more than 110 financial institutions nationwide with assets ranging between $10M-$9B. Here’s what some of them have to say: 

“At American National Bank we have a desire to be a wealth-building partner with our customers,” says Jay Garren, First Vice President and IT Director of American National Bank.  “We evaluated many CRM systems before selecting CoreTrac’s ResourceOne to help us meet our service goals of enhancing the overall ‘partner experience’ with our customers.” 

Darrin Banik, Vice President of Operations at Community Bank and Trust, said, “After looking at numerous CRM/Sales Force Automation software solutions, we felt that CoreTrac’s ResourceOne was the best fit.  Not only does it provide greater pipeline visibility and custom marketing campaigns, but an easy 360-degree view of the customer relationship with the bank as well.” 

Cheryl McIntyre, AVP of Training and Sales at MemberOne Federal Credit Union says, “Our employees are really happy to have the system. They were glad to get rid of the paperwork and now they can easily communicate with each other and follow-up with members. ResourceOne and CoreTrac have met all of our expectations and we are happy to recommend them to other credit unions.” 

“Our employee owners work with a sense of urgency.  It’s our people whom make the difference.  As employee owners, we all take special pride in focusing on achieving high performance.  CoreTrac’s ResourceOne will help us get that job done,” states Darren Lowe of Stearns Bank, N.A. 

“CoreTrac’s ResourceOne offers all the components we were looking for in a CRM/SFA software solution.  The software is easy and quick to use,” said Linda Bull, Vice President of Sales Support at First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union.  

These community financial institutions understand that one key to developing and nurturing any banking relationship is “frequency of interaction.”  Sustaining long-term relationships with your clients requires continual monitoring and management. This is a significant value of CRM/SFA.  CRM/SFA software gives you the tools to implement and track a systematic process of regularly keeping in touch with your clients. 

On-going communications with existing clients and potential clients is imperative.  If your clients don’t hear from you frequently their loyalty seems to vanish into thin air, and they become receptive to propositions from your competitors.  The fact is, keeping your existing clients drives profitability, and cross-selling new products and services to existing clients costs 133% less than trying to obtain new accounts.  The financial institution that invests in a CRM/SFA solution as part of a client retention strategy makes a commitment to client loyalty, and in turn, gains an important competitive edge.  

The “business” of business is to generate shareholder value from clients.  CRM/SFA solutions like CoreTrac’s ResourceOne allows community financial institutions to efficiently recommend more of their products and services (especially the right products and services) to potential and existing clients while reducing their overall client service costs. Increased referrals and cross-selling, better pipeline management, targeted marketing, exceptional service, goal-based behavior enhancements that drive toward strategic outcomes are all measurable benefits of implementing a CRM/SFA solution.  Elevating your team’s performance and enhancing growth in the communities you serve… now that is something to bank on!

Alan Buhler is Executive Vice President of CoreTrac, Inc.  He can be reached at or (512) 236-9120 ext. 272

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