Citi’s ATM Software Upgrade Aims to Unify Digital Touch Points

29 January, 2014 (16:30) | Blog | By: admin

By Mary Wisniewski

Citibank is upgrading its ATM software in a bid to make the customer experience consistent across all digital touch points and to quicken the time to execute transactions on the channel.

The software upgrades, expected to be completed on the 3,000 ATMs it owns and operates in branches by February, include remembering customer preferences and adding simplified workflows to quicken the transaction times. Indeed, quick-touch balance lets customers view account balances without leaving the screen they are on, and customers can set preferences such as language. Confusing submenus such as “Are You Sure?” prompts have also been eliminated from the ATM experience.

The ATM software upgrade comes on the heels of the bank updating its website about two years ago and customers requesting improved navigation.

The ubiquitous use of tablets and smartphones is pressuring banks to modernize their older touch points. Citi used “app-like thinking in development,” says Mark Gilder, Citibank’s director of distribution strategy. “We want to make sure customers feel at home at each digital touch point.”

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