CoreTrac Newsletter – Volume I, Issue II

1 September, 2008 (07:30) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume I, Issue II | September 2008 – October 2008

Building a Performance-Based Culture with Robust, Easy-To-Use CRM/Sales Force AutomationBy: Alan Buhler

It doesn’t matter if you call it Client Retention Management, Client Relationship Marketing, Client Relationship Management, or Catch-all Repository for Marketing; every year financial institutions spend millions of dollars implementing CRM/Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions. It’s an amount that is expected to consistently grow in the coming years. While there seems to be no evidence of a slowdown in CRM/SFA spending, many community financial institutions want to know what the return on a CRM/SFA investment actually is.

Imagine the following story… The CEO of a community financial institution is attending a civic event dinner. While at the dinner, one of the institution’s best clients comes up to him and says, “Hey, three different people from your insititution have called me about the same product in the past two months, and I keep saying ‘NO,’ but they keep calling! Can you do something to STOP this???” read more

How to Create a Climate of Abundance: Expect It!By: Kimblerie Dykeman

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2008, the media continues to cumulatively frighten the bejeezus out of us…warning us to shelter the family, shut off the valves and shy from taking any risks…after all, for the worst is yet to come! “We’re still in a recession!” Or are we? Well, I suppose it depends on who’s talking.

For some, the chatter itself serves as a comfortable crutch that the collective current reality may not be fabulous, but at least consistent, if constant. For these folks, having something to gripe about is better that nothing… after all, change is ALWAYS bad! But, what about YOU? Are you sick and tired of the incessant, winner-less argument filling headlines and hallways alike? Or…are YOU yourself at the helm of this pouting?…read more

Sales is a Contact SportBy: John Connors

Tell the truth now: when you first read the title of this article, an image flashed through your head. Maybe it was an NFL lineman tackling a would-be client, or perhaps it was an Olympic wrestler, grappling a sales prospect into submission.

It’s a funny image, but at its core is a serious thought: many people – perhaps even you – think of sales as an essentially coercive activity in which the sales person manipulates other people into buying things they don’t want or need. Certainly there are some sales people who operate that way. But that is not the way you need to…read more

Clients in 2008

Citizens National Bank of Meridian
Thurston First Bank
Liberty Savings Bank
Tompkins Trust Company
The Bank of Castile
The Mahopac National Bank
Stearns Bank
Stearns Bank Upsala
Stearns Bank Holdingford
First American Bank
Great Falls Teachers FCU
Community Trust Bank of Texas
BancoBuena Ventura
American National Bank
Community Bank & Trust
Farmers and Merchants Bank of Central California
Security Bank USA
Credit Union of Denver

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