CoreTrac Newsletter – Volume II, Issue I

1 January, 2009 (07:15) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume II, Issue I|January 2009 – February 2009

Taking a Second Look at CRM/Sales Force Automation in 2009By: Alan Buhler

What a difference a year can make. In 2008 we saw technology across the board changing the landscape of every industry; and the banking industry is no exception! This couldn’t be more evident than it is with CRM/Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology solutions. Now that the banking industry has maneuvered through its first decade of CRM, 2008 appears to have been a turning-point…read more

Why Employees Under-PerformBy: Michael Neill

If your organization struggles with employees who continue to under-perform in sales and referrals, you are not alone. In my work with financial institutions over the years I have identified the basic reasons that employees, who have the ability to sell, do not. The basic reasons are different than what the employee tells you. “I need more training, the customer looks at me weird, I don’t feel comfortable,” are not the reasons the employee is under-performing. These are their feelings. The basic reasons for the under-performance create the feelings. Rather than simply dealing with the feelings, let’s look at the root causes…read more

How do I Get Prospects to Buy NOW!?By: Shawn Greene

Every salesperson is magically empowered with the ability to make prospects buy—and we mean now! This power is limited to a number of uses equal to the number of times each salesperson has been made to buy something now. In other words: Fat Chance.

Well, actually… If you’re selling something that people compare based on cost only, then you can often get people to buy now when you have a special price to offer, or if the price is about to go up. If you’re not selling such a commodity, it’s back to the magical powers thing…read more

Clients in 2008

Citizens National Bank of Meridian
Thurston First Bank
Liberty Savings Bank
Tompkins Trust Company
The Bank of Castile
The Mahopac National Bank
Stearns Bank
Stearns Bank Upsala
Stearns Bank Holdingford
First American Bank
Great Falls Teachers FCU
Community Trust Bank of Texas
BancoBuena Ventura
American National Bank
Community Bank & Trust
Farmers and Merchants Bank of Central California
Security Bank USA
First Federal Bank
Credit Union of Denver
Bank 182

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