CoreTrac Newsletter – Volume II, Issue III

1 May, 2009 (06:56) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume II, Issue III|May 2009 – June 2009

Feeling Stressed About Having to Sell? Take Action Now to Avert Future Burnout!By: Alan Buhler

Selling is quickly becoming a part of everyone’s job in today’s financial institutions. And stress is an inevitable part of every salesperson’s job. You have to call on people every day who are usually not as excited to hear from you as you are to be talking to them. You work hard to win the business, the sale is often on the line, and at times the decision goes to your competitor. You have challenging goals and strive to meet weekly, monthly and yearly quotas so that you can provide a great lifestyle for yourself and your family. It’s all in a day’s work…read more

The Care and Feeding of CoachesBy: Michael Neill

In my job, I perform a great deal of coaching, training, and work with many middle level managers to develop their coaching skills. I never cease to be amazed at the level of commitment and energy displayed by this particular group. However, when we begin the process of coaching development I sometimes receive initial resistance from this group that falls into the following areas:
1.I don’t have time to coach
2.How will I know I am doing it correctly?

Once we address these two issues effectively, I have found that the middle managers, in most instances, will do all in their power to do what is asked of them. Some have a positive attitude about it and some do it just because it has been given to them as an assignment. In any case the work gets done…read more

Hustle Your Top 25!By: Honey Shelton

The only person in the market that takes pleasure in the fact you’re not calling on your customer is your competitor. You have to forego neglecting to put the touch on your customer! You must help the customer know you care and want to help however you’re able. And, you have to stay on top of how the customer perceives the level of service you are providing. Adopt the approach “We must get out and go to the customer!” You might not have time to make maintenance calls to your best customers but there’s a good chance your competitor will make time.

Our industry has never been more competitive than it is right now. Officers with business development and account relationship responsibilities will use a boatload of excuses why they can’t get out and go if they aren’t trained, coached, encouraged and held accountable…read more

New Clients in 2009

Envision Credit Union
Service 1st Federal Credit Union
North Shore Bank
Houston Business Bank
BrightStar Credit Union

Upcoming Events in 2009

2009 TBA Annual Conference
CUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo
WIB Business Development & Sales Forum
2009 FURST Senior Management Conference
2009 DCI Conference
Montana Credit Union Systems Conference
WIB Annual Bank Technology & Security Summit

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