CoreTrac Newsletter – Volume II, Issue IV

1 July, 2009 (06:55) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume II, Issue IV|July 2009 – August 2009

Hiring Unproductive ‘Sales Ghosts’ Can Come Back To Haunt You LaterBy: Alan Buhler

Have you ever hired a ‘sales ghost’? A ‘sales ghost’ is a salesperson whose lack of skills, techniques, tactics and efforts continue to haunt you—one whose best sale ever was the one that got you to hire him or her.

Hiring top-quality salespeople can be difficult. While there may not be many ‘perfect salespeople,’ there are a number of really good ones out there. You simply need a way to identify them, develop them and retain them…read more

The Care and Feeding of CoachesBy: Michael Neill

In our last issue we discussed the challenges faced by many senior level managers as they attempt to develop their managers as effective coaches. The three challenges to overcome were defined as:
1.Many Senior Managers have risen through the ranks, as have many of us, by being fast, accurate, possessing great technical skills and knowledge of procedures. Therefore, some may feel that what got them there will keep them there…read more

How to Beat the Summer Sales DoldrumsBy: Shawn Greene

Summer is here! It’s time to break out the sandals, slather on the sunscreen, and… worry, because sales have slowed down. Here are tips for dealing with the summer sales doldrums.

Expect Things to be Slow:

Appropriate expectations help prevent frustration. The fact is sales often slow down in the summer months. People not only take vacation, many take mini-vacations in the form of shorter hours and long weekends. That probably makes sense to you—you may be taking time off yourself—and yet we often get thrown when things slow down and prospects stop returning our calls…read more

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