CoreTrac Newsletter – Volume II, Issue V

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Volume II, Issue V |September 2009 – October 2009

Self-Evaluation: First Step to Better ProductivityBy: Alan Buhler

Are procrastination, disorganization, interruptions and external demands getting the best of you? Would you like to be more productive every day?

The fact is about 80 percent of your productive results are coming from a mere 20 percent of your daily efforts. Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity but achieve very little because they aren’t concentrating on the right things. An important part of gaining results from your work is clearly defining what you need to focus more

The Challenges Faced in a Sales and Service CultureBy: Michael Neill

I read a consultant’s blog that noted, “A Sales and Service Culture is like the Loch Ness Monster. Many have claimed it exists but no one has actually seen it!” Pretty funny, but an overstatement. While there are far more financial institutions that continue to attempt to differentiate on convenience, new products, technology, etc., there are not many excellent examples of fully effective sales and service cultures.

Why do we so see few top notch sales and service cultures?
1.The efforts to develop a culture that will create a true retail focus throughout the institution are still in its infancy. Yes, we have been talking about it since the 80’s, but most financial institutions see/saw it as the next thing to do or found it to be important only when the small business customers weren’t more

The Saving Grace of OpportunityBy: Kimberlie Dykeman

Change and her relentless rhythm unashamedly convicts and connects us as we stand in awe of the bombardment of negative events and controversial situations that the past year has delivered, from the failing markets, school systems, and health care initiatives to the additional violence throughout America and the unresolved war in Iraq. You name it and it’s more than just front page worthy. And as the media cumulatively frightens the bejeezus out of us, many of us find ourselves still fearing that the worst has yet to come down on more

New Clients in 2009

Envision Credit Union
Service 1st Federal Credit Union
North Shore Bank
Houston Business Bank
BrightStar Credit Union
Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
Empire National Bank

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