CoreTrac Newsletter – Volume II, Issue VI

1 November, 2009 (06:48) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume II, Issue VI |November 2009 – December 2009

While Styles and Attitudes May Differ, Both Genders can Succeed in Sales
By: Alan Buhler

Who makes a better salesperson, a man or woman?
While I believe men and women each have unique advantages and disadvantages in the selling profession, both can be equally successful.
But how do the genders compare when it comes to initiating contact, handling rejection, and job satisfaction?
When it comes to initiating contact, it appears men and women stand on level ground, according to a recent study.
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Pave the Way to Trust: A Message You Can Lead On
By: Honey Shelton

There has never been a time when the importance of demonstrating trust has been more crucial. Trust is the foundation of all successful interpersonal relationships, both personal and business. Trust is the confidence or belief a person feels toward a particular person or group. Trust is, therefore, one of the primary binding forces in any interpersonal relationship. It permits people to overcome doubts and unknowns and enjoy peace of mind. You can’t turn on the news or pick up the paper that the financial service industry isn’t under scrutiny. Restoring faith and trust in the industry is everyone’s more

New Clients in 2009

Envision Credit Union
Service 1st Federal Credit Union
North Shore Bank
Houston Business Bank
BrightStar Credit Union
Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
Empire National Bank
VantageSouth Bank
Union Bank & Trust
Northern Neck State Bank
Rappahannock National Bank

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