CoreTrac Newsletter- Volume III, Issue I

1 January, 2010 (18:02) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume III, Issue I |January 2010 – March 2010

Refining Techniques Through Role-Playing Can Boost Sales
By: Alan Buhler

How many times have you tried to implement new selling techniques, but found it difficult to change your salespeople’s habits? How often have you exposed your new salespeople to the correct selling methodology, but later found they weren’t doing what you taught them? How frequently have you identified shortcomings in your salespeople’s skills but found they are difficult to correct?

If these problems sound familiar, then maybe it’s time to look into a different approach for your sales training. Sales training through role-playing might be your more

 Give More Than Is Expected
By: John Connors

If sales are the engine that drives a Bank, then service is the lubrication that keeps it humming like a well-oiled machine. Sales and service are inseparable. Sales depend heavily upon service and service cannot exit without sales.

Every time you interact with a customer, whether in person, on the phone, through a fax or via email, you are an ambassador for your Bank. Based on what you say, how you present yourself, how you interact with the customer, and your attitude, you are delivering a clear impression about your bank. Remember, too, that every person in every position in the Bank interacts with a customer, whether it is an internal customer or one that is external. Both deserve proper respect and treatmentread more

New Clients in 2009

Envision Credit Union
Service 1st Federal Credit Union
North Shore Bank
Houston Business Bank
BrightStar Credit Union
Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
Empire National Bank
VantageSouth Bank
Union Bank & Trust
Northern Neck State Bank
Rappahannock National Bank

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