CoreTrac Newsletter — Volume III, Issue III

1 July, 2010 (14:22) | Newsletter | By: admin

Volume III, Issue III | July 2010 – October 2010

A Dozen Tips for Tipping the Sales Scale Your Way  

 By: Alan Buhler

 Recently, I ran across a book I’ve had in my personal library for many years. It’s Jack Nadel’s “How to Succeed In Business Without Lying, Cheating or Stealing.”  I enjoy reading this “pocket book” time and time again because it’s filled with wise business advice.

Here are seven of my favorite sales tips and five of my favorite negotiation tips from the book that you can use in your selling more

     Supervisor Effectiveness Tips and Tools
  By: Honey Shelton
How important is it to evaluate your effectiveness?  I would say it is up there with taking responsibility for your health.  High on the list!
Here’s a profile of the ideal supervisor which was developed by a group of supervisors participating in a training workshop on discipline at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center.When supervisors were asked to identify what they “feel are the ten major functions of an effective supervisor,” and to rank the functions in order of importance, they came up with the following listread more
New Clients in 2010

Lewis and Clark Bank
Ministry Partners Investment Company
Tyndall Federal Credit Union
HEW Federal Credit Union

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