Google introduces Android Pay, a platform looking for unity

9 March, 2015 (10:31) | Blog | By: admin

By Jason Raphael Labuguen

Google will introduce a brand new payment platform for Android soon, the Android Pay. Instead of serving Android users with a central service like Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay, Google’s upcoming service will act like a secure storage system for credit cards and other bank details, and a collector of apps that will use its API.

  • Google’s upcoming payment service will act as a ‘platform’ or a ‘host’.
  • No word yet about the future of Google Wallet.
  • Google’s Android Pay is looking to unify all payment services that are running on Android right now.

Search engine giant Google is bringing a brand new mobile payment solution, with the goal of unifying the fragmented Android payment ecosystem.

More than 36 months after it introduced the Google Wallet, the Mountain View, California-based firm announced today in a keynote that a service called Android Pay is coming soon to all compatible devices running Google’s mobile operating system.

Unlike Apple’s wireless payment service, Google will try to attract supporters, and early adopters, by bringing a platform, and not a full service like Apple’s contact-less payment service.

Here’s a brief comparison. Apple Pay handles all transactions from the device to brick-and-mortar establishments, and device to app developers and online stores.

Apple’s service acts as a central payment service for iOS.

But Google’s Android Pay works a bit differently. Instead of acting as the main payment solution, the Android Pay will just work like a host for all apps that will run its API, or in layman’s language, apps that will follow the Google’s computing rules.

Android Pay is like a collector that’ll put all services running with its API in one basket. With this build, Android Pay will allow owners of establishments, or app developers to use their own branding.

Additionally, Google will handle all the credit cards and confidential information of customers, and protect them from theft and other fraudulent activities by tokenizing all credit card transactions — like how Apple Pay and Samsung’s new service called ‘Samsung Pay’ do.

According to Techcrunch, Google’s Sundar Pichai, the head of Android, Google Chrome, and Google Apps, has nothing to share yet about Android Pay’s date of release, but the publication is speculating that Google will provide more information in May, at the annual Google I/O developers conference.

Last week, tech news publication Ars Technica was the first to report about Android Pay.

It’s no secret that Google has been improving its wireless payment service. Last month, the firm’s Wallet division announced that three out of the four largest wireless carriers in United States will start shipping Android devices (with KitKat and Lollipop operating systems) with Google Wallet pre-installed. This deal was made after the search engine’s acquisition of Softcard.

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