Hustle Your Top 25!

28 April, 2009 (20:36) | Blog | By: admin

By: Honey Shelton

The only person in the market that takes pleasure in the fact you’re not calling on your customer is your competitor.   You have to forego neglecting to put the touch on your customer!   You must help the customer know you care and want to help however you’re able.  And, you have to stay on top of how the customer perceives the level of service you are providing.  Adopt the approach “We must get out and go to the customer!”  You might not have time to make maintenance calls to your best customers but there’s a good chance your competitor will make time.  

Our industry has never been more competitive than it is right now.  Officers with business development and account relationship responsibilities will use a boatload of excuses why they can’t get out and go if they aren’t trained, coached, encouraged and held accountable.  

If your institution isn’t providing sales leadership, sales training, sales technology, encouragement, coaching and rewards for production then your institution is a target for a wake-up call that will rock you into reality. 

Stop taking your top customers for granted!

Start taking yourself to them!

Help discover what they need now or for the future!

 Ask what it’s like to be your customer!

 From the retail perspective it is about households.  Growing franchise value is where it’s at today.  Free checking, free gift, and other promotional lures are used in your market everyday.  The unattended customer, the customer who feels no sense of relationship at your institution is up for grabs.  Once they leave they are very hard to get back.  The ones who are enticed by good deals and rolling ice chests are serious contributors to non-interest income. 

From the commercial perspective it is about attaching the customer through ACH and other products that make moving an account painful.  Cash management sales seldom happen when an account gets opened unless the sales strategy is to bring the account in by way of cash management products.   Remote capture and other innovative services that make banking more and more convenient for the customer mean that the competitor doesn’t have to have a choice location anymore to pick up choice customers.  Nothing is more shocking to a calling officer than when he or she sees an account they have taken for granted show up on the closed account list or the pay off list.  

Your depositors are highly desirable whether they are high dollar customers or fee generators.  Your borrowers who are willing to entertain more than one proposal from a financial services provider may find loans at a bargain.   Get in the game and tighten up the relationships with extraordinary service delivery and making contact with the customer.  Thank them in person, find out what else they need, go see what is happening in their world rather than waiting for them to call or show up in yours.

Every calling officer of your institution must have a top 25 customer list that they actively work at earning and re-earning the relationship.  Every calling officer must have a top 25 prospect list they actively work at moving to the customer list.  Your institution’s top 100 customers are on your competitor’s top prospect list.  Don’t let them take them without a fight.  The best fight of all is a proactive stance by implementing a sales culture that ensures a high touch, aggressive approach to retaining and gaining customers.

Honey is a nationally sought after sales and service consultant, speaker, coach and trainer. Visit her Website at or contact her at 1.800.324.9193.

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