Let a Beacon Light the Way for Your Sales Success

9 November, 2010 (21:03) | Blog | By: admin

By: Alan Buhler

For as long as ships have sailed the high seas, a ship’s captain has counted on shore lights to help him determine his position, avoid dangerous obstacles and find safe harbor. Shining across the sea in all weathers, lighthouses protect ships and sailors from dangerous shoals, headlands, sandbars and reefs. Without them, our early trade and shipping could not have developed. 

Financial institutions and their leaders face all sorts of dangerous obstructions as they navigate the unpredictable currents toward sales success. However, when you are perceived as a refuge for your clients as they are tossed about by the winds of change affecting their lives, they will come back to purchase more of your products and services again and again. 

Your product offering should help your clients fulfill possibilities and your service should be a sign of hope. The products and services you provide need to solve problems, boost performance and help your clients achieve their own success. 

Your service needs to be the stuff legends are made of. When you help your clients successfully navigate the storms and survive the shipwrecks, they will share their experience — and your heroism — with others. 

Your growth and ultimate survival is based on your ability to effectively and efficiently manage opportunities, keep and expand services to your existing clients, and continually add new clients.  ResourceOne can be your bright light of the lighthouse that helps navigators find their way. Let your light shine! 

Your clients are starving for attention. They want you to provide solutions quickly and efficiently. They also want to be dazzled with service and indulged with kindness. Find opportunities to help before they experience a problem.

Lighting the way to business growth and a prosperous future might, at times, feel as if you are climbing the 247 steps of the iron staircase leading to the top of the Amedee lighthouse in France. However, the magnificent panorama from one of the world’s tallest lighthouses, situated on the world’s largest lagoon, is worth the effort. The view from the top is simply incredible.

Alan Buhler is Executive Vice President at CoreTrac, Inc.  He can be reached at abuhler@CoreTrac.com or (512) 236-9120 ext. 272

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