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icon_resource1CoreTrac ResourceOne

ResourceOne is a robust, core-integrated, easy-to-use CRM/Sales Force Automation solution that is provided exclusively to community financial institutions at an excellent price-to-value relationship. Integrated to your core and other 3rd-party data platforms, ResourceOne will help all employees of your organization easily adapt to client expectations, meet sales information and management needs, and provide exceptional service. We get you installed quickly and help you roll it out at your desired pace.

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icon_writerCoreTrac Custom Report Writer

CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer (CRW) is very different than any other report writers you may be familiar with.

It’s designed to make report construction intuitive and fast for people who aren’t necessarily technically inclined. In addition to the ease-of-use, CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer has been created with the understanding that it would operate in a business environment and offers features such as integrated security, report sharing with other users or groups, the creation of yearly quarters, an image pool, and interfaces that allow external products to interact with it.

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icon_breezeCoreTrac Breeze

Whether it’s your website, facebook page, mobile apps, call center, home banking, or even front line, Breeze reduces your support needs while giving your customers vastly better service. Your customers now have fast, accurate, and consistent answers to every question.

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icon_xceleratorCoreTrac Lead Xcelerator

CoreTrac’s Lead Xcelerator can make your website an actual sales tool that will generate actionable leads—and it’s all completely trackable from creation to production when integrated with CoreTrac’s ResourceOne. With technology smart enough to know what webpage a prospect is viewing, Lead Xcelerator can automatically distribute leads and service requests to either a defined queue or to specific employees in your organization. In other words, CoreTrac’s Lead Xcelerator will help you sell more… and sell more easily!

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Ad EngineCoreTrac Ad Engine

CoreTrac’s Ad Engine stores data from multiple sources and opens the opportunity to present “real time” one-to-one revenue generating offers to consumers, and helps financial institutions communicate with and cross-sell customers. Ad Engine automatically drives any marketing spot with a generic ad until the visitor is identified. Once identified, the Ad Engine switches to the recommended targeted ad for that consumer.

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Relationship BuilderCoreTrac Relationship Builder

Educate new customers with onboarding campaigns; automate campaigns based on clicks, demographic criteria or time; increase attendance and strengthen follow-through for seminars; and chase delinquent accounts with our reminder series. Whether you’re an HTML genius or just starting out, CRB is easy to learn and simple to use. Upload HTML files and images that you create in other programs or create a file in CRB from scratch. You can even personalize your messages to customers-It’s easy with CRB. Set up dynamic content that changes names, simple text, images or even entire layouts.

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ProfitabilityCoreTrac Profitability

The CoreTrac Profitability solution provides the flexibility you need with the intelligence necessary to evaluate each client’s distinct profit contribution. With Profitability, you will have a greater understanding of the unique value each and every client provides, and use that knowledge to make well informed decisions that will elevate your team’s performance and enhance growth within the communities you serve.

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