CoreTrac Custom Report Writer


CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer (CRW) is very different than any other report writers you may be familiar with.

In fact, the priorities of CRW and other report writer products can almost be considered reversed. While other report writer products focus on the layout and presentation of the report, they give minimal attention to where the underlying data comes from, how it relates to other data, nor do they really allow a non-technical user to interact with the database. In other words, they are largely a developer’s tool.

CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer, on the other hand, is designed to make report construction intuitive and fast for people who aren’t necessarily technically inclined.

    The behind-the-scenes aspects of the database, such as unfamiliar column and table names, and SQL are largely hidden from view.
    Unfamiliar names are replaced with business concepts that non-technical users can understand.
    SQL is replaced with a user interface that allows the user to select a starting point (a table) and graphically select columns from that table or drill-down to other related tables (to any depth) and select columns from those tables.
    Groups, graphs, summaries, and filters are created in a similar fashion.

In addition to ease-of-use, CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer has been created with the understanding that it would operate in a business environment and offers features such as integrated security, report sharing with other users or groups, the creation of yearly quarters, an image pool, and interfaces that allow external products to interact with it. CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer is designed as a separate module from CoreTrac’s
core-integrated, banking-specific CRM/Sales Tracking Automation solution, ResourceOne. In fact, it can connect to any SQL database. It is impressively powerful and gives you complete flexibility to create custom reports on any and all data contained in the ResourceOne solution, as well as other SQL database applications. As an added benefit, it can do calculations behind the scenes which makes it ideal for your custom incentive and marketing reports.

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