CoreTrac Profitability

CoreTrac’s Profitability gives you the resources to:

  • Evaluate the Net Interest Margin contribution from each client- the Interest Income from their loans and the Interest Expense paid on their deposits against alternative investment yields and deposit costs.
  • Evaluate the Fee Income contribution of consumer and business clients as well as the key drivers of that contribution.
  • Assign your own values for the operating costs associated with servicing and maintaining loan and deposit accounts.
  • Formulate a strategy and create actionable plans to optimize profitability:
    • Recognizing your most profitable clients, what makes them profitable, and plan how to acquire more of these clients.
    • Identifying unprofitable or marginally profitable clients, what makes them unprofitable, and creating specific action plans to increase profitability of these relationships through additional sales and pricing decisions.
    • Recognizing relationships that cannot be made profitable and creating specific plans to minimize the impact they have on the financial institution’s profitability.

The CoreTrac Profitability solution provides the flexibility you need with the intelligence necessary to evaluate each client’s distinct profit contribution. With Profitability, you will have a greater understanding of the unique value each and every client provides, and use that knowledge to make well informed decisions that will elevate your team’s performance and enhance growth within the communities you serve.

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