CoreTrac Lead Xcelerator


Is your website really a sales tool that’s available 24/7/365? …I mean, really? Or, is it just a place to share information about your products and services? CoreTrac’s Lead Xcelerator can make your website an actual sales tool that will generate actionable leads—and it’s all completely trackable from creation to production when integrated with CoreTrac’s ResourceOne.

With technology smart enough to know what webpage a prospect is viewing, Lead Xcelerator can automatically distribute leads and service requests to either a defined queue or to specific employees in your organization. This includes immediate notification of a warm inbound lead for prompt response, and a greater chance of winning the business.

How many missed opportunities happen every day when prospects and customers are perusing your website afterhours, and no one is available to answer the phone at your financial institution? How do you encourage action from special promotions through your social media efforts, or track the appropriate follow-up that should be taking place? CoreTrac’s Lead Xcelerator will make it easy for your leads to take action, and easier for you to generate, process, and track the opportunities. In other words, CoreTrac’s Lead Xcelerator will help you sell more… and sell more easily!

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