Struggling with Your “Sales Culture”

6 June, 2013 (19:29) | Uncategorized | By: admin

By Alan Buhler, CoreTrac Executive VP

Many community financial institutions are struggling with the significant changes needed to successfully implement a sales culture. In fact, some CEOs and presidents are still in denial—believing that “the good old days” will return, and it won’t actually be necessary for them to change their approach to getting new customers/members.

Implementing change in a financial institution’s sales culture isn’t easy. Bankers have long been of the mindset that growth comes about when prospects come to the FI and request the service they want. The reality is that FIs now must be proactive in their approach to getting new customers in order to survive, and make the profits they are used to making. Not to mention the fact that over the last few years consumers have developed a very different mindset and the competitive, sales culture focused financial institutions are taking full advantage of this shift.

Here are a few tips from those competitive FIs that you can implement to ensure your sales culture shift is successful:
1. Make an unbending commitment to implement the change in the FI’s sales culture.
2. Invest in improving the selling skills of everyone who has the responsibility to drive new revenues.
3. Focus on your higher quality, more profitable clients for cross-selling opportunities.
4. Identify the ideal high quality prospects in your market and focus on capturing them.
5. Increase, and expect, accountability of your calling officers.

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