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Technology helps banks meet consumers online

July 13, 2015

By Marco Santana – Orlando Sentinel Marc Stumbo has not been in a bank in about two years. The 32-year-old financial analyst said once his bank, Fairwinds Credit Union, adopted mobile check deposits, there was no need. “It’s just significantly more convenient,” he said. “It has become an on-demand society, and I don’t have time […]

Voice-Activated Features Raise Stakes in Digital Banking

May 25, 2015

By Mary Wisniewski A handful of banks are upgrading their apps with Siri-like “virtual assistants” that understand spoken questions, at a time when most institutions don’t even let digital customers do typed keyword searches of their transaction data. This week, for example, Ally Bank unveiled Ally Assist, which displays on the smartphone screen answers to […]

Bankjoy Is Building a Modern-Day Mobile Banking App for Use by Credit Unions and Smaller Banks

March 23, 2015

By Sarah Perez Thanks to startups like Simple, which was acquired by financial services organization BBVA last year, banking customers got a look at what a modern-day web and mobile banking experience looks like, with features like goal-setting tools, automated categorization of expenditures, real-time notifications of new charges pushed to your mobile phone, the ability […]

Why we should put a mobile wallet in every pocket

August 1, 2014

By Gautam Jain – Gautam Jain is head of global client access, transaction services at Standard Chartered   The mobile wallet is having a transformative effect on people’s lives in developing countries, bringing safer, faster, easier financial services to the people who need it most, writes Gautam Jain, global head of client access transaction banking […]

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