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Do Millennials Need Fun Banking?

June 8, 2015

By Anna North “We believe that banking should make your life better,” reads the frequently-asked-questions page on the website of the startup Qapital. “But banking as we know it is too broken to do that for the majority of people, especially those under 40. So we decided to build the simple, transparent banking products that […]

Notable Quotable: The Virtue of Banking

May 11, 2015

Modern banking has been the single greatest contributor to human progress. From Strategas Research Partners Chairman Jason DeSena Trennert’s new book “My Side of the Street,” out May 26 from Macmillan: It is assumed that banks should simply be a means to store wealth and facilitate transactions. Virtually no attention is paid to the social […]

5 ways your banking may change in 2015

February 2, 2015

By David McMillin • Do you remember when writing checks at the grocery store was normal? Can you recall those drives to the bank branch to transfer money to your savings? How about those times you had to call to check your account balances? Banking looks very different today. From new technologies to new […]

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