When it comes to sales and service, be flexible, but don’t improvise.

1 June, 2012 (21:39) | Blog | By: admin

Banking-specific CRM helps you approach every selling situation with uniformity.
By: Alan Buhler

To be successful in sales and improve the level of service you provide, you have to take control of your daily activities. To take control of your daily activities, you must create a set of strategic processes and procedures. To ensure consistent application of the strategic process and procedures that will ensure success in sales (and service after the sale), you need an effective CRM technology in place.

The fact is, without the proper systems in place, everything is improvised. Nothing is done the same way twice; therefore, you’re unable to determine what works and what doesn’t. But, when you create strategic processes and procedures within your sales business, you’ll save a lot of time and become more efficient, effective and productive.

When asked, most top performers will tell you each new engagement is strategically and systemically planned. A strategic, systematic approach to each new selling engagement provides you with a road map for selling success.

By following a strategic selling process to guide you through the selling cycle and utilizing the technology to support it, you can approach each selling situation with uniformity. Uniformity, in turn, allows you to more accurately forecast your sales. In addition, strategic sales planning reduces the cost of sales, and can allows you to pinpoint where you need the most help in closing new business.

Alan Buhler is Executive Vice President at CoreTrac, Inc. He can be reached at abuhler@CoreTrac.com or (512) 236-9120 ext. 272

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